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Just received this notification today. We pay enough already to Shipstation... If Amazon is the true source of the fee, I'd love to get those details from Shipstation... and I'll retract... otherwise this is just greed on the part of ShipStation.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @john16


We’d be happy to discuss this change with you in more detail. A team member will be reaching  out to you via email associated with your community account to discuss this further. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager

Shipstation Support replied as shown below in a direct email which doesn't allow responses, so I'll respond here. 

Why is only this shipping method being hit with a fee?  What's different about the Amazon Buy Shipping channel that  requires this fee?


Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback today about the change to our Amazon terms of service. We understand that this increase may be significant for shippers using Amazon Buy. It’s our goal to make shipping affordable for businesses of all sizes, though we occasionally need to increase pricing in order to maintain premium integrations, like our integration with Amazon.

We hope that this increase is offset by the value your business receives from ShipStation’s discounted shipping rates with major carriers and relationships with additional marketplaces.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions. We’re here to help!


Hi John, 


That note came from me as a private message (the community forum will automatically send an email when you get a new message). We hope that this helps explain the recent change in pricing. Thank you for your participation in the community!


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

Why is only this shipping method being hit with a fee? 


What's different about the Amazon Buy Shipping channel that  requires this fee?

Occasional Contributor

This will cost me $1000  more per month!     What other  alternatives to SS do we have that have buy shipping with no extra fee?  

We use ShipStation to ship most of our client's packages, but we also use to manage certain connections like Amazon where we need to use Amazon Shipping. InfiPlex has a connection with ShipStation, so it is a great way to manage costs for certain connections. InfiPlex does not charge additional fees to use Amazon Shipping, and we can manage inventory in InfiPlex across all of our connected marketplaces for our clients and still use ShipStation to manage most of the shipping. 

InfiPlex?  Sure! Sounds great!

At $500/month for their starter package, or $1,000 per month, for their next level.....let me run and sign right up!!  All of a sudden, 30 cents per pkg doesn't look so bad....

I had to go and print the labels in Amazon and the go back and print packing slips in SS as Amazon does not allow 4x6 packing slips. It is a pain. It would cost me 150-200 a day to use buy shipping through SS and I have been looking for another solution that does not charge. Veeqo was bought out by Amazon and does not charge for the buy shipping. They still do not print 4x6 packing slips but it you buy the labels through them it is FREE. It still needs some work but it might be worth a shot. I cannot and will not pay that much with shipstation.