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Order count using API

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I would like to simply retrieve some aggregated order data, things like counts by status etc.  Is this possible to do without retreiving all of the order data?  This data appears at the end of the order queries, but we dont want all the accompanying individual order data.  It seems like a waste to get it all when we only want the counts.


We're using the query...

....and just want the number outstanding.


Looking through the API documentation this doesnt seem possible?  Has anyone come across a workaround?




Hey there @InkSmith


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If anyone has a workaround they are already using, I would love to hear it! That sharing of knowledge is the biggest strength of this community as a whole! 


If you are still in search for answers, you can also reach out to our api support team here at ShipStation at They will be happy to provide any clarifications they can. 


Happy shipping! 

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You can set the "pageSize" to 1, and you'll only get back one order in the body of the request, while still getting the total value. Not ideal, but it's something.


So something like


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Thanks, that's helpful!