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Status: Completed
We want the FROM address set to our domain so that 'via' does not appear on gmail. We also want to include your spf/senderId records in our spf/senderId records, have the email signed with our DKIM key and have the links use our subdomain instead of Here's how this works on a few of the major ESPs: This will significantly improve deliverability and professional appearance. Best Regards, James Fredley VP of Marketing Technology FilterEasy

@HHEbut if the email is sent from and has a reply-to email address for your actual store email, then when they reply it will go to your email instead of Problem solved. It still won't look like it came from but the replies will at least go to instead of bouncing back from

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@lanbosmilsim true! The real problem though, is that we are having this discussion 7.5 years after the issue was reported to ShipStation. 


@HHE  If we're being completely honest, this thread alone almost made me abandon shipstation altogether. I'm still on the fence. I use zen cart and the recent update made when USPS Ground Advantage came out earlier this month broke my ability to postback tracking info and their support cannot figure out the problem. So I found shipstation and everything works perfectly...except this email issue. As a programmer myself, I know just how easy it would be to implement my temporary solution. Requires no DNS modifications of any kind for them or for us. It would literally just be a programming change to add the reply-to info into each email sent. Again, it's not a perfect solution like you have with almost EVERY other place that sends emails on your behalf, but it would at least solve delivery AND reply issues.

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I'd really like to see this feature, we are currently programming a replacement to this, which takes time and resources since Shipstation can't accommodate this in over 7 years. Email deliverability is more important than ever and customers like their delivery and confirmation emails. 

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The lack of this ability is the main reason why I’m actively looking for an alternative to ShipStation. I get angry emails regularly from people who don’t check their spam folder first. Emails go there because of the lack of authentication. It’s really a slap in the face that it has been ignored for this long


Its honestly stunning that this issue hasn't been rectified given the time frame.


Gmail and Yahoo have recently announced they're further tightening up their spam protection and others will follow suit.  Given that a large number of my shipping notifications (that I send on behalf of artists whose stores I run) end up in peoples spam folders already this is very worrying.

Please address this ShipStation!

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Only years of requests and 14 pages of requests in this thread. Can't be that important right? Hmm.

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@Manager-Erin is anyone at SS looking at this thread? I see it was changed to "investigating" at some point but is there anything that can be done to update the people in the thread who have been posting for almost 8 years? 

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Even a response of "we aren't planning to do anything about this" would be better than no response at all.

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Anyone find a solution? Been back and forth with support for about 3 weeks with no resolution. 

We did find that it's only an issue when the email address is from our domain. If we use a gmail or any other email it works fine and customers get their tracking emails. 

Like everyone else, leaving it blank is not an option for us because customers always reply to it and we'll never see it.