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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We have customizable Packing Slips, how about custom Pick Lists?
First-timer (legacy)
When we create pick lists, sometimes we need to change the format of the pick list. Or get the information into another file... Is there a way to get the pick list to be downloaded in an Excel version? It would be much easier to customize...
First-timer (legacy)
A way to download the pick list in an excel version would be helpful as well...
New Contributor
Hopefully something like this happens soon. I love the software and features, but this functionality is now becoming one of the most important features for us as we continue to expand to more marketplaces. The more attnetion and votes we give this the less they can ignore it 🙂
First-timer (legacy)
Can you please add an option where we can add Avg. sales price for an item we sold in the pick list. Than way we can see the product we sold, quantity we sold and the Avg prc the item was sold for in one sheet.
Occasional Contributor
If we could simply add a barcode for each order number (or the scan to view barcode), this would make a world of difference for us. We currently do not use pick lists for this reason, but would really like to.
First-timer (legacy)
We are in the seafood business and we have single items and packs with multiple items in them. Would be nice to narrow it down to individual items. For Example: Example Order 1 Atlantic Salmon - 14 Example Order 2 Shrimp & Scallops ( 6 Packs of Shrimp and 6 Packs of Scallops) When it comes to the picklist I would like for it to be: Atlantic Salmon 14 Shrimp 6 Scallops 6
First-timer (legacy)
We use the picking technique of "tote-picking". We need a solution that allows us to print a special kind of pick list, very similar to the "order-combined" template currently in use on Shipstation. The small change is detailed below: Our picker has a cart with 16 totes on it and a pick list telling him what to pick. We would like this pick list to not only say what order an item belongs to (and what QTY), but a "tote number" between 1 and 16. In other words, each tote number correlates to an actual order. So tote 1 = Order 1234, tote 2 = order 123, etc... So the picker is picking to the tote number, rather than the order number. Thanks,
First-timer (legacy)
We currently use USPS Flat Rate envelopes and boxes as our go-to shipping service. In addition, we are now adding an automated box maker to our warehouse to help with cubic dimensional shipments. It would be great to add size attributes/shipment types to a pick list and completely organize before getting Ship-Done!
First-timer (legacy)
We really need to be able to customize pick lists as well. I really need a way to include the [Internal Note] on the pick list and it would be great if I could create a custom template for my pick list similar to the way I can for packing slips. When can we expect this feature to implemented?
First-timer (legacy)
Not having the customer name on the pick list is as useful as having the customer name and no items to pick. C'mon!