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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Different users that are in different offices/warehouse with different printers (thermal or laser) and print different size labels (4x6 and 8.5x11) should have the ability to have their own label/printer settings saved to their account instead of the need to switch setting every time globally.
First-timer (legacy)
Everyone that has voiced concern has pretty much said the same thing. I understand there are ways to work around this feature, but there isn't always time for that and it presents even bigger obstacles when a 3rd or 4th printer is added. I'd like to know if there have been any improvements on this because it seems to have been an issue for about 2 years now. Is it not a big enough concern for ShipStation to put effort into improving?
First-timer (legacy)
This would be a great feature. Please add it asap. Thanks
I'm with the OP on this issue, but as @wtully commented a while back, even the addition of "Document options" within individual ship-from locations would be helpful, as we ship from one user and multiple "warehouse locations", some being retail and some being wholesale. The different paper / label options per warehouse would be a real time saver, especially if it were under the same user.
First-timer (legacy)
What about adding specific setup for stores. Right now we have one store that we need to print a 4x6 packing slip and another we need to print a 8.5x11. every store should have its own set up option
First-timer (legacy)
Different printing set-ups for different USERS are a MUST, unless picking sheets can be customized to include barcodes, thumbnails, etc. so they look like packing slips. Having this set to the ACCOUNT only is not productive. This is crucial for our business as two different staff members may be working on two different types of orders at the same time. One may need to print Labels and Packing slips together while the other needs a custom label using a different paper/label size. Please enable this feature!
Unfortunately yet another user functionality request that will be ignored...Hey @shipstation, how about implementing this sooner than later?
First-timer (legacy)
I drop ship and I have different users that have different printers. Instead of creating multiple stores it would be nice for each user to print a label in the document size set to their capabilities.
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to add to this thread and idea. printer setup, 2 printers, but 1 printer for 2 layouts. For us, The thermal printer prints all single page shipping labels, but we use the HP laserJet 277 printer to print on 8 x 11 sheets; 1/2 page intl shipping labels and full page packing slips. Is there a way in settings to do this without having to change printer preferences and setup in the windows control panel? It would be GREAT if there could be assigned document setting to accomplish this.
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to see a way we could used different label setups based on the different store we have on our account
First-timer (legacy)
'@ShipStation Will you please review this again? I would give more votes if I could as this is a major flaw that hinders our operation every day. This has been "under review" since 2016 and no progress? As a community, we deserve to know what is going on and why this idea cannot be implemented.