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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Please enable a feature that you can choose what printer will print labels. To be more specific: we want to print International Priority and express with the regular printer and the rest of the labels in the 4x6 printer.
First-timer (legacy)
these votes should be combined: This would be great to have different label sizes for different users or just the option to choose different preset formats when you click the print button for any user.
First-timer (legacy)
While we agree the features are closely related, they're not the same thing, unfortunately. The over-arching request is, of course, "More print options" but there are so many different types of "print options" that it's near impossible to have a request like that and ever call it done. That being said, printing with two printers and allowing different print configurations/printers per user are technically two different things. In addition, the print configurations could technically mean that one person prints only labels 4x6, and another prints 4x6 packing slips and labels. As such, the requests will remain separate, even though we do understand the two are related.
First-timer (legacy)
I have the same issue We have been printing international labels on our 4x6 printer without any issues....then we got a call from usps saying that our barcodes are unreadable with their scans please add this feature
First-timer (legacy)
Same issue. We would like to see default printer settings according to what type of document is being printed. Shipping labels should default to zebra printer while packing lists and other full size documents default to 8.5x11 printer. We may occasionally need to override the defaults but it would be far better than manually changing printers for every transaction.
First-timer (legacy)
Is it possible to have a default printer set for a specific user account? We have two shipping stations setup, and they each have their own label printer. Both label printers are showing up in ShipStation through Google Cloud Print, but if a user logs out and then logs in again, the default printer appears to be changing. Is there a way we can assign a printer to a specific user account so that they always use the same one?
First-timer (legacy)
Right now if I want to print customs forms for USPS priority mail I am forced to go into settings and to select 8.5x11 two per page. When I want to return to domestic printing I need to go back into settings and change it back to 4x6 paper. I would like a separate setting for which printer to send customs documents for USPS.
First-timer (legacy)
We ship International orders every day. Reconfiguring the printer settings multiple times every day is not a reasonable workaround. This is so inconvenient it is forcing us to consider other shipping packages. Endicia's Dazzle can support multiple printer selection. ShipStation already supports printer selection for things like a scan form. It really should support printer selection for customs forms.
I agree with this one. So far, I've let the customs forms print on 4x6 labels and I'm just hoping they go through OK that way.
First-timer (legacy)
The ability to map a shipping label’s size based on the service which is requested. For example, if an order is shipping USPS Priority Mail the label prints at 4” x 6”. If the order is shipping as USPS Priority Mail International, the label prints at 8.5” x 11”. If an order comes in with either requested service, then when "Create Label' is pressed, it auto generates it in the preferred size.
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to have the ability to select a printer based on the carrier. Let's say I'm shipping Fedex, I want to use the printer fedex gave me (Printer A). If I'm shipping USPS, I want the label to automatically print on USPS Printer (PRINTER B). This would save a lot of time!