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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Please enable a feature that you can choose what printer will print labels. To be more specific: we want to print International Priority and express with the regular printer and the rest of the labels in the 4x6 printer.
First-timer (legacy)
It's a shame that a feature request with 132 votes is still "under review" but some features with significantly less votes are already "started".
First-timer (legacy)
Also, this is now over 4 years old. How much longer could you possibly need to "review" it? I love ShipStation, but this is just a huge hassle.
I can appreciate that this is a tough nut to crack but as much as shipstation prides itself in automation and making things easy for users, this is a major problem. Why is it difficult? Well, some international destinations allow for a single page label that fits on 4x6" such as Canada. I've seen other countries as well but we'd have to be able to set which countries go to the laser printer set to two per page @ 8.5 x 11 and which go to the label 4x6". I'll tell you what is NOT productive.. Setting the printer to 8.5 x 11, two per page to print ONE international label and then running a batch of 50 labels and forgetting to switch the printer back. It creates labels and you can't do anything to fix it so you end up cutting up the pages and having to use packing tape.
First-timer (legacy)
Hello to Shipstation: Would you all be so kind as to provide the users of your product the feature enhancement list and associated votes related to each so that we can see where in the list the much needed feature sits in relation to others and when we can expect it to move up the ladder. It feels as though we all submit feedback to you to improve this really great product but one feature that will make our lives easier is being sidelined for some reason in lieu of other features that (unknown to users) may be in higher demand. If you ask for feedback, here it is and the votes should dictate what the product manager implements, not what he/she feels. This way you get a free focus group to help you tweak the program to the best of it's abilities. Peace
We just started using ShipStation and this was the first obvious problem that we ran into. I would refrain from claiming "batch shipping" until this is resolved. Switching printer settings back and forth forth for each order is silly.
New Contributor
New user - Count me in for this feature request as well. We have 2 shipping locations, one uses DYMO 4XL and the other (for now) a standard HP printer. They have to print to PDF, dork with it, and batch print to get around this issue. It would be extremely useful to define a printer per logged in user account, or as others here state, allow for 2 different Label printer settings via toggle/dropdown for any given order.
First-timer (legacy)
We need to be able to define our printing options either by countries, i.e. US vs. Non-US, OR shipping service/level I.e. USPS vs. DHL Right now we have to print for the international side 4x6+packing list, but for domestic only 4x6. So rather than having to switch my printing options before processing a batch, I would like to be able to define them ahead of time.
New Contributor
I get branded UPS and FedEx labels for FREE, currently to utilize them I have to change the roll out with each shipment. So in theory, this suggestion would work if you can create an automation rule that would send the label to a particular printer based on the carrier.
First-timer (legacy)
I'm so surprised this hasn't been addressed yet! It was one of the first issues I had with Shipstation. Anyone who ships domestically AND internationally needs this!
First-timer (legacy)
With having multiple Shipstation users, It would be really great if each user can have a different printing setups for labels and invoices. The reason being, that we have one account where we need the labels and packing slips on one sheet of paper, but it becomes an issue when we have orders with multiple items and need to print each packing slips individually because of how the label setup is. Is there a way that each user can have their own label/packing slip setup differently? Thank you Jessica