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Status: Under Review
Usually, you can purchase thermal labels with a doc tab addition on top of the typical 4x6" label. Well, on other programs like ShipRush, we should be able to print item names/packing slip information on the doc tab. This is really really useful!
New Contributor

Definitely still need this!

Occasional Contributor

Heavily used this with UPS worldship and then found out SS does not give you this ability to print doc tab labels. We need a minimum of the tracking number and order number on the doc tab. So far we either print 2 labels or hand write the info on our paper work. Not a real solution considering every other software out there allows you to use labels with doc tabs.  Please add this or we will soon be moving on.

New Contributor
We use a doc label on the UPS and FedEx system.
You guys have the same information on your Shipment Manifest.
You should have the Manifest info print on the doc tag or on the next label.