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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Usually, you can purchase thermal labels with a doc tab addition on top of the typical 4x6" label. Well, on other programs like ShipRush, we should be able to print item names/packing slip information on the doc tab. This is really really useful!
First-timer (legacy)
Provide additional shipping label size.
First-timer (legacy)
Currently, we are printing on 4x8.25 label stock, but the ShipStation label is only occupying 4x6 of this space. When we instead use the UPS Worldship application (our legacy solution) to print, it allows us to use the full 4 x 8.25, and the extra 2 inches can be filled with some graphic content such as promotional messaging. As we transition from Worldship to ShipStaton, we would like to be able to still print this larger label format with the additional space for graphics.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi! At this time, the only label formats that the carriers send to us is the 4"x6" option. And while there are no immediate plans to change this format, we'll keep you posted if any changes are made!
First-timer (legacy)
Please prioritize this feature. Would make a big cost, environmental, and marketing impact. We can help code
First-timer (legacy)
Has there been any progress by Shipstation to make this option available? This seems like a simple integration and would be very helpful for us to have available.
First-timer (legacy)
I also back this solution. 4x8 labels provide much more room for customization, messaging, company logo, additional order info etc. I assume that this has not been integrated so far because not every carrier uses the 4x8 label, in fact this may only be a UPS option. If you developed a 4x8 label option you'd have to be able to limit it to just UPS accounts. That's probably harder to do from a development point of view. 4x8 labels are the way to go though. Or at least let the customer to specify their own custom size label specs.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi Shipstation, We need to custom the label like attachments. It can be printed by UPS worldship, but can't print in shipstation. Please kindly help. It's actual size is 4*8.5 (top sticker is 4*6 and bottom sticker is 4*2.5). The second sticker has the PO# / Weights / and tracking #. It is standard with UPS worldship. Thank you
First-timer (legacy)
Doc tags are essential in keeping a physical copy with paperwork. We tend to take doc tags which have tracking number, weight, and promised shiprate and attach that to a copy of the invoice. We hold onto that because FedEx/UPS destroys tracking data after 18 months. We've had need to lookup packages that were 2+ years old.
First-timer (legacy)
I strongly support this feature which will be very useful to have the packing slip info on same label so we place the shipping label on box and the small packing slip inside. It is also very convenient to prevent confusion which shipping label goes to which order, since it has all order info on same label. Thank you
Please add doc label, standard label provided from UPS - "Direct Thermal Label - 4" x 6.25" Roll"