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Status: Under Review
Greetings Ship Station Tech Team, My name is Jeffrey Roberts and I am a developer for VMR Products, We are currently building out a new site using Magento, and we are going to be using Ship Station as our shipping solution. We have one hang up though. We currently ship over a thousand orders everyday, and sometimes as high as 4 thousand or more orders on sale days. Approximately 1% of our orders have a total line item count greater than 20, and our highest line item count to date is 93. Ideally, we would like to print the shipping label and the packing slip on a half label half detachable slip medium, however, this does not work for our 1% of orders containing line items greater than 10. To switch up our fulfillment process for 1% of our orders will be a logistics nightmare. The solution I see that will solve this challenge is to add a checkbox to your packing slip design view that if checked, will allow two or more pages to be printed. As of now, the system only allows for a single page to be printed. By adding the ability to print 2 or more pages will prevent a shipping horror story from occurring. This solution is vital to our fulfillment process. Thank you! Jeffrey
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Hello, Now in 2017, I believe this is a still a very important setting to get implemented. Our company has a majority of orders that are over 10 line items. It is extremely frustrating that when we create a label for this orders, the Packing Slip gets cut off, and does not print on a separate page. There should be an option to allow for the label and packing slip to print on SEPARATE pages. It creates an extra step for our Warehouse to have to print the Packing Slip AGAIN to get the full list. In addition, I believe there should also be a way for the Pick List to be summarized by Order OR provide automation to allow for us to get the pick lists to print a mass number of selected Orders. Right now if you select multiple orders to print the Pick list, it combines all the products and means the warehouse guys have to do a double sort. NOT efficient. I hope this insight helps and REALLY hope these changes get implemented.
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It's pretty rare but we were just hit by this problem twice in the last week. One order we caught but the other we didn't. Each order had 8 or more line items, so using the half sheet packing slip some items were cut off (with no way to know that they were). We can't switch to a full sheet packing slip as this is only a problem on a few orders out of 20,000+ per year.
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I'd say 1 or 2 out of every 10 orders require a longer pack list. So printing the 2nd page of items would be very helpful. The issue now is that we fax the label to our warehouse and only some of the items show up under the label, so then they don't ship the entire order properly, so we have to print a full pack list later and fix that error. I believe the system should just know that say "10" line items fit on page 1, and if the orders require 11+ line items, then to include a pdf for page 2 inclusive of the extras so that orders ship in full, and not incomplete.
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We ship around 500 orders per day, and 1/4 of our orders need to print additional pages. It's also very frustrating that the printing setup is for all users on the account. We would like to be able to use different printing settings for each user/printer.
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If it's not possible to print a second page, could we at least have a marker on the order that says, "More Items" or "Order not printed completely". SOMETHING that would trigger the person fulfilling the order to go and find the entire order.


We really need that second page print functionality requested here as an idea since 2012! Jon29's proposal to print 1 4x6 label and 1 8.5x11 packing slip per shipment would suffice just as well!!