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PLEASE PLEASE can you make the Split Orders feature return and enable combined orders to be uncombined back to their original format!  I came across a very difficult situation today when I had accidentally combined a small amount of orders accidentally.

I only meant to combine 2 and it somehow selected several.  Once these orders were combined I tried to do what we used to be able to do and 'Split Order' so that they would simply 'un combine' back to what they were.  To my horror this option wasn't available any more and the option to split orders only into new shipments.  I tried this several times and it didn't seem to work and had to get help.  However, I feel the live chat person (who lovely and trying to help) wasn't able to advise on the new option very well as she originally advised to just Split Order.  

I'm still trying to fix this at time of writing so that I don't send the wrong details to the wrong customer... 😞

Thanks for reading and hope this get read. 🙂 🙂 



Hi @hello70


Thank you for your post and for being a part of our community. I am sorry to hear that you were running into trouble with not being able to uncombine your orders. 


You should be able to use the steps listed in the following help article to undo the combined shipments.


Combine Shipments: Revert a Combined Order


Also if you are more of a visual learner like me the following gif outlines the whole process of splitting your shipments.



Previously in our older layout of ShipStation, we would combine and split orders from the order level, however, as you can see above we now split from the Shipment level. This method preserves the integrity of the order. This way, you can create as many shipments as you need and they are all attached to the correct order records, while the record itself remains intact and connected to the order source record no matter what you do.  


Hopefully, this helps you out, but if you have any questions or concerns please respond to this post. 


-Erin- Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 


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How would we combine multiple orders and maintain the integrity of those orders?

Currently order number information in the CSV exports is lost when orders are combined.

Example: 5 orders are combined,  when they are shipped the export CSV shows their order number as all the same. This makes it impossible to confirm these order without manually parsing through each combined order, and the integrity of each is clearly lost.

Hello there @Art95


It is important to note that, when combining orders, you are selecting to move all of that information to be in one remaining order number instead of several. This is the nature of combining orders. 


Just as you mentioned, you can still see what orders were combined together of course, this would just need to be done manually. With several integrations, a manual update on the selling channel side would be required after combining those orders in ShipStation. You can also check out our full knowledge base article on Combing Orders here.


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Are we sure this is the nature of combining orders and not a bug? By your own knowledge base description combining orders "maintains the integrity of each order for accurate record keeping"


Currently the export DOES preserves the unique items and SKUs in each order, in the CSV export. 


The Order Id should in theory also be preservable in combination. At the very least in an additional field.