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I've been using ShipStation for.. 7-8 years or so? This new layout is a deal breaker for my business. It's slow and the layout is a step back 15 years in web design. Time is money in ecommerce and I don't have time to waste on this awful update. Short story short, I'm looking to change to another platform and wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations? 


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I'm with you. I goggle searched and doing my research.


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Same, I spent 1.5 hours yesterday doing what normally takes me 5-10 minutes. 


Yea this is terrible. Why are they trying to fix something that already works?

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I agree. This new update is super slow and takes me forever to "Get Ship Done". What a joke. I am also seriously considering using a different platform also.

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If anyone finds a suitable alternative please share. I am actively looking and haven't found anything.


I'm looking into ShippingEasy.. if anyone has tried it please comment!

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I switched to ShipStation from shippingeasy because they kept not uploading random orders and I would miss them and they’d sit unshipped for weeks. No rhyme or reason. 😞  It has been a while since I used them but if you do switch over, cross check your sites unfulfilled orders from time to time to make sure none are getting missed. 🤍

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There is no alternative....Pitney Bowes would be the only one but you will not be able to open an account unless you talk to someone there on the phone.  They don't have a CS number and if you submit your info they will never call you.  Best to make due with what SS has to offer.

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There are a ton of options that do similar things to Shipstation.  ShippingEasy, ShipRush, Ordoro, EasyShip, OrderCup, to name a few that I have looked at recently.  Are you using Shipstation in a way where these other options don't work?

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For smaller shops who rely on the GAP program (goglobalpost/ global advantage program) to be able to ship merchandise international in flats/large envelopes, and need more robust automation rules for kickstarters/projects, within shipstations price range, there is no other options I can find.


There is a list of GAP supported platforms (most owned by the parent company auctane) Global Advantage Program - GlobalPost International (


I tried readycloud but it's not very good.



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dammit. this is why monopolies are bad.

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