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Bring Back Restore Order

Occasional Contributor

When we were forced to switch from the Legacy version of ShipStation, we lost the ability to restore orders.  Previously, if we had shipped an order and it was damaged in transit, we would restore the order to be shipped back out. This required very little communication in our warehouse, since our employees could see the order that needed to be re-shipped back in "Awaiting Shipment". We are no longer able to do this. This creates numerous issues for us on the customer service front and production floor.



So we too were recently forced into the new layout and while we have issues with other things (hotkeys, UIX criticisms, etc), I think the "Restore Order" is still there and just got shuffled around.


When in the "Orders" screen and selecting "Shipped" from the side menu, the grid layout should have a "Restore" button at the top that becomes enabled when an order(s) is selected. Alternatively, if viewing a specific order (not in grid layout), "Create Another Shipment" button at the top right seems to put it back in "Awaiting Shipment". 

Occasional Contributor

I did not realize it would create another order and put it back into "Awaiting Shipment". The only problem is none of the line items transfer over 😑.  Do you know if there is a way to edit this for non-manual orders?

Occasional Contributor

It seems the "create another shipment" option works but it's pretty terrible, it doesn't copy over a lot of the shipping information so you have to refill it out manually and I have one order that I did but it just won't generate a label. Just add it to the list of things still broken with the new version.

Occasional Contributor

This does not work for us because we need to have the order go back to the "Awaiting Shipment" status.

Occasional Contributor

I'm so angry about this update.  I've hated the new version since it came out and refused to work with it so we kept the old version going until we were forced to transfer to the new version recently.  Everything about the new version bothers me but I'm sure at some point I will have to get used to it.  


BUT.... The worst thing is the restore feature is now gone.  I just laid into an unfortunate phone help person trying to understand why Shipstation won't copy the items that were in their order.  Their idea was that "well the thought is that when you want to resend something to someone, it allows you to write in what to send them in case you don't need to send everything like before".  


My response to that is, "Then make it editable!"  Why can't I decide what I want in the cart to stay  or not, why do I have to physically write what I need in the cart when resending?  Just give me a trash button if some of the items are not needing to be resent.  But don't make me or my team have to physically write out what we are sending and have no other choice.  


This is totally unreasonable..  


And to make it worse, it still duplicates the actual order number but doesn't duplicate the items inside.  How does that make sense?  If the order is the same, then make the order the same, but simply add a delete button to any items that may not need to be reshipped, and also keep the ability to add new items or adjust a size to a particular item.  



We also do a ton of wholesale orders.  Sometimes with over 100 items. If I need to reship something, Shipstation is now telling me I have to physically write out the entire order again? ALL 100 items? This is crazy.  


And all the person could tell me to do is write on this board and HOPE some engineer will find it and do something about it.  


This should never have changed, I can't even see the benefit in any way.

Occasional Contributor

100% in the same boat. I have not heard of one person who prefers the new version. We lost more features than we gained. And the feature we lost were way more important than the new ones.

Occasional Contributor

100% in the same boat here too.  Reshipping orders used to be so easy (lost / damage) now it's all but impossible.


If you "restore" the item from the shipped menu it even causes caching errors for us (I couldn't ship or cancel the "awaiting shipping" order).  It required customer service to manually clear. 


Restore, reship, split, add/edit, combine orders features have all gone signifcantly downhill for our application with the new layout.  We simply can't ship blank packing slips. 

Yes, us too. This is very frustrating as we have to manually type in 100's of items when this used to just copy the order. It's even worse when you can't void the label (if the order gets too old) and reship without having to type in the order all over again. 


You know what is crazy. The restore order is still on the mobile app. 

Thomas Romer

Oh my!


Hello ShipStation users! 

I wanted to bring to your attention a new Reship Beta Program! Here is the link to show you how to test out the Reship Beta. 

We look forward to getting your feedback!

Happy Shipping!