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Consolidated shipping notification for USPS shipments with multiple packages

New Contributor

Does anybody know if there's a way to create a template that consolidates all tracking numbers for USPS shipments that contain multiple packages in a single email notification based on the order?

Currently, ShipStation sends multiple, nearly identical shipping notification emails to customers who's order contains multiple USPS packages.  The only difference being the tracking# and items contained within that shipment.  This tends to get confusing when there are many packages being sent out for a single order.

I would like to be able to send a single shipping notification that contains a tracking number for each package that is shipped within a single order.  

I've attached a crude example of what I'm looking for - any advice is appreciated.


Screenshot 2023-03-17 102850.jpg



I am looking to do the same thing. A lot of our products are oversized and must ship in separate packages. It’s confusing to the customer when they get 3 emails saying each package shipped. A consolidated email would be great. It’s 2023, and I don’t know why this wouldn’t be possible.