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Keep V2 of shipstation

Occasional Contributor

This is not a problem of getting used to the new layout.

There are serious issues here that are almost making it unusable.

Why not let us continue using it while you sort out V3?!



Agreed 100%.    I'm all for innovation and improvements but V3 is performing like an early beta at best, it is clearly NOT ready for mainstream use.      We couldn't even get labels to print today without having to switch back to the Shipments tab after creating each label and print from there.   (Of course, switching back to V2 solved the issue completely)


This is your customers livelihood at stake here, forcing the migration to a flawed system next week is definitely going to send a message....

Frequent Contributor

I couldn't print labels either until I cleared the browser cache, restarted my PC, and restarted ShipStation Connect.

One should not have to do this. This is to cumbersome for many warehouse users.

Occasional Contributor

List of Problems Ive found so far:
-When you have multiple accounts for the same carrier, it will not default to the selected default.

-Will not remember default printing settings when using shipstation connect.

-When creating labels sometimes it will not update the order for 2-3 minutes, and make it look like the label was not created when it actually was.


-When searching you have to click awaiting shipment multiple times for it to actually show awaiting shipment orders.

-Searching seems to not be working like it was in V2, it does not give relevant results anymore


Occasional Contributor

It is ridiculously slow. I have also started noticing problems when I get out of an order as it is refreshing. It removes all shipping information and I have to reenter it. It is taking me twice as long to print shipping labels in v3 than in v2.



New Contributor

Interesting. I was told today that V2 was permanently disabled on June 1st and that everyone must use V3, no exceptions. This was after being told 3 weeks ago that I could request a rollback to V2 indefinitely. Support staff evidently don't know what's going on.


Hello all, 


I wanted to reach out to clear up some confusion here. At this time there are no plans to pause migrations of V3. We will continue to keep all users in the loop as to when they might expect migration via direct emails and in app notifications. 


 If you are experiencing any major issues or are unable to ship as a result of the new layout, please reach out to our  support team directly, and they will work with you to make sure we can keep you shipping. 


For our users who have currently been migrated or are soon to be migrated, we are hosting some live webinar sessions about the new layout this week. 


June 15th @ 1:00 PM CST


June 16th @ 1:00 PM CST


Kind Regards,


Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

We reached out months ago reporting a problem with filters not working.


They are still not working.


Nobody reached out to help us with our major issues, and nobody has made sure we can keep shipping. In fact, nobody has done anything to help or communicate over this problem.


Just to clear up any confusion on your end - shipstation was broken over a month ago, you have known about it for over a month, shipstation remains broken a month later. I hope that clears up any confusion you have.

Occasional Contributor

"At this time there are no plans to pause migrations "..... Well, I'm not stopping my migration to a better program. I had no problems with V2. it basically ran itself with absolutely no problems. I tried beta version , twice and each time I could not do any printing. When you finally installed V3, guess what? I could not print anything. I wasted 2 hours and finally called tech, after an hour and 45 minutes with remote viewing, I finally was able to print. Now I'm having every problem listed here. The slowness, something that took me 30-45 seconds, to create a shipping label now is over 3 minutes. The other major problem, your program get shipping rates wrong 40%-50% of the time. I do not trust Ship Station. It has cost us money. We got a letter from Canada Post that some of our parcel did not have postage paid and Canada Post charged us a surcharge. Don't get me started on combining and separating order....... Way to complicated. I'm pretty well done with Ship Station.  

Occasional Contributor

All of this! I have had to refresh each label multiple times to get the correct shipping rate. If I click out of an order as it is refreshing it removes all shipping information and I have to reenter. 

Another thing I have noticed is that previously verified addresses from repeat customers are not showing as verified. It is extremely frustrating. Please let me know if you find a better shipping option! 

Why don't you guys leave the V2 option available for people??V3 is very confusing .honest feedback !

Occasional Contributor

Hey Erin - That's unfortunate to hear.

I fill out many hundreds of customs declarations forms (In addition to FDA prior notice with manual annotation of the customs declarations) and this alone (I timed it) just added 2 more hours to my 80hr/week workload.


By the way Safari has some basic, yet critical CSS issues, way too much room in the container where the order items are, leading to it being unreadable. Please go check it out to see what I mean.


This release is not ready for production.

Occasional Contributor

I also will be migrating to another system soon. Either let me use V2, which was much better or lose my money.


I second this.  You refused to listen to the feedback from your customer base and then forced this atrocious upgrade on everyone and basically told us to deal with it.  I will, by going elsewhere.


@nick, I just wanted to make you aware that there are currently at least 2 other threads on this very topic.

Everyone here @pedalpcb@nick@dallowayplace@Legends@vinylstoragesol@jbouton (Sorry for the tags, just want to make sure you are notified!) should go check out these other posts so you have the full scoop. What Shipstation is doing to its customers is totally unprofessional and any posts by @Manager-Erin, are merely just "lip service" posturing to the community.

Please feel free to give out kudos to highlight them, but even then it's unlikely it will have any effect. I really hate to be so pessimistic, but I do think it's time we start abandoning ship. I've reached out to the sales team of a competitor and I'll just say they too are aware of how Shipstation is behaving and wouldn't be surprised if they leverage this in an upcoming marketing campaign... 

@Manager-Erin I'll say this again, TRANSPARENCY. Just have someone who is a decision maker at Shipstation contact us, call us, SOMETHING. Heck, I would be happy to have a one on one with you even...  Let us know what you guys are doing to fix the issues, talk about proposed fixes, and talk about areas you still need help on, just fall on your sword and own the mistake. Quit this lip service BS and offer solutions! Hell, share with us some of the details WHY reverse migrating an account MIGHT be an issue. I'm telling you, most of us are reasonable people and are capable of understanding some pretty complex situations... We've got businesses to run, not software to debug, or flame wars to start on community forums begging for information. TRANSPARENCY goes a LONG way and ultimately, we just want to make sure we're being heard.   

Occasional Contributor

A very large company we all know named eBay, tried to upgrade they sales listing page. Went from a clean and efficient page to overly complicated. Having to open a window to then open another window into another window to change the most simplest info. It was forced upon the sellers. They would ask the seller for feedback. Again people were complaining the same as here. Well, that lasted about two weeks and guess what appeared in the top corner, " If you want to go back to the classic format.... click here" I couldn't click the button fast enough. So Ship Station, don't tell us you can not go back. 

I was able to switch back until the button was disabled this morning.


I've been satisfied with ShipStation for five years, but regretfully I'll be forced to switch to another service as well.    Restoring shipped orders to their original  "Awaiting Shipment" status is a daily task  for us that can't be substituted with the current functionality. 



So here we are, 46 minutes into the first business day after being forced into V3.


USPS just returned an international shipment that I need to reship, but I no longer have the "Restore" option....    It isn't visible on any of the tabs.   What am I supposed to do?     


How do I reship this order?  My customer is waiting, I don't have time to wait for bug fixes or software revisions, I need the function that I had yesterday and I need it immediately.    I don't mean to sound rude, but this is urgent.



For everyone just forced onto V3 reporting the many bugs - keep in mind when dealing with shipstation that they have known about all these issues for months as many of us were forced onto V3 back in april. 


I'm sure they will tell you the issue is being escalated and recommend you post in the forums. This is there way of taking your money for another couple of months while they do nothing to fix your problem. Search old forum posts and you will see the same reports from paying customers followed by the same empty promises from shipstation.


Begin researching alternative platforms today.

Occasional Contributor

If you do find any good alternatives to shipstation I'm actively looking to move away as well - way too many basic issues and this forced migration was the last straw.


100! The CTO should be fired for launching this version. It is so buggy. Nothing is better in this version. Are team is struggling using this version and support is helpless.


Anyone tried Shippo as an alternative? Reviews are higher than SS

Occasional Contributor

Here's another heads up for those that don't use a USB scale. If you're typing in your weights be very careful as v3 can easily over charge for shipping. Here's what happens:


Our scale reads to the hundredth decimal point. In v2 you could type 12.68, tab out of the field, and it would convert that to 12 lbs 10.88 oz regardless of what was already there. Now in v3 that calculation happens after you type the tenth decimal point, so type 12.6 and it does the conversion without waiting for you to leave the field. It also keeps the cursor in the field so if you don't catch that and you type the hundredth decimal value you now have a 128 lb 10.88 oz package. On top of that, it adds the ounces to what was already in the ounces box. So say that shipstation thought that order was 12 lbs 13 oz, with v3 when you type 12.68 you'll end up with 138 lb 7.88 oz package. And when it's already so wrong, what's another 10 lbs right? Scale that down to a USPS package under 1 lb. If shipstation populates with 0 lbs 14 oz and you enter 0.8 you'll end up with a 1 lb 10.8 oz package. For us that's a difference of $3 per package if we don't catch it. $9.66 vs $12.66. Those add up quick.


But this can really get out of hand for express packages. Say we have a FedEx Overnight package that's 6.27 lbs / 6 lbs 4.32 oz. At the correct weight that's $66.28 (we're in Hawaii). In v3 when I try to type that 6.27 I end up with a 67 lb 3.2 oz package that costs $305.95. That adds up even faster.


I've reported this issue repeatedly almost since they first rolled v3 out in beta. The last ticket I submitted with full examples, video showing the problem and code suggestions on how it could be fixed was in Feb and hasn't been updated since. 


I just spent 3 hours with live chat where they told me: no we won't roll you back to v2, yes we know this is a huge issue and we're working on it, it'll maybe be fixed soonish but no guarantee, if you don't like it you can leave. I asked if they would reimburse us for any extra charges caused by this issue and they said if I can provide documentation their billing department might be able to reimburse us. This is who we're working with. Needless to say, I'm checking out the competition this weekend and will most likely be making a change.

Chris B
Hawaii's Local Buzz

Been burned by this one a few times lately, unfortunately.

Occasional Contributor

Exactly! Now carrier and shipsurance insurance purchases now say $0.00 and shipsurance links no longer populate data! BIG ISSUE - you cant even see what past exact amount your purchased for insurance! That is DECEPTIVE insurance display pricing! If we start losing money due to inaccurate claims being denied, we will be filing a complaint with FTC and district attorney's office. Shipstation has ZERO right to disrupt our businesses with this horrible BETA version! We need a grandfathered plan! We have been using almost 10 years and we did NOT sign up for this trash update!  New laws need to be made against ALL OF these companies forcing their BETA tests on our businesses! 


I've run into another major issue, although I don't think it is exclusive to V3.


If your account becomes opted into the "Global Advantage Program" all of your international shipments will be handled by GlobalPost, regardless of the shipping method chosen when printing the label.


I had a customer pay over $70 for USPS Priority Express International, the label printed as a GlobalPost label with the text "Priority Express" across the bottom.     As is typical with GlobalPost, this shipment took 5 weeks to arrive.... the customer was not happy.