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Putting a tracking link into an email

Occasional Contributor

I want to set up an email template that would automatically send a message to customers when their order ships. But I want the tracking number to display, as just the tracking number, with it being a clickable link taking the recipient to the tracking site using that number. So, for example, 9405511202508974030647 – just the number displays, but it links to the USPS tracking site with that number.

Apparently the best ShipStation can do at this point is shown in this link from them:

Can we get this in a future version? Or is there a secret way to do this that someone knows about?


Frequent Contributor

Luckily this is VERY easy! If you are using the ShipStation email template, you just want to use [Tracking #] which will automatically add the number. Then you want to highlight from bracket to bracket and choose the link icon above. It will allow you to input that url.



Occasional Contributor

But how can you add the URL that would include the tracking number in a template? I don't want just a generic tracking site, especially as the same email would be used for UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

Frequent Contributor

AH! We only ship via USPS, so I didn't think about that. My ability to help has come to an end ☹️

Occasional Contributor

Lol! No problem! It was an attempt, at least! Here's hoping that someone else has another idea!

It is actually nuts that ShipStation can't do this in 2022.

The crazy thing is, they have the functionality - it is visible and functional in the default email. But they refuse to make the functionality in the customizable one.

Literally the very reason we want automated emails to go out is to get a clickable tracking link in the hands of the customer.

And that's the one thing they won't give us.

Sorry, just had to vent lol.

Occasional Contributor

Hi Craig,

I think what you're looking to do is feasible (if I am understanding your question correctly).

What you'll want to do is

1) Within your custom email template, use the field replacement [Tracking#]. (Shipstation will automatically change that to a field replacement in your email to the numerical tracking number.)

2) Highlight the entire field replacement value, ie from bracket " [ " to bracket " ] "

3) Click the insert link option in the top bar above the editing field.

4) Enter the " [TrackingURL] " into the URL field.

5) Save!

What I do is use the field replacement [Carrier Name] [Tracking #] (with the inserted [Tracking URL] as explained). What this looks like on the front end is:

UPS 1544654318435488215 or USPS 215674616546884321 with the numbers being clickable. Depending on what your options are in the store setup, this link will bring the customer to the Branded Tracking page or the Carrier Tracking page.

That will work! If you look at the default email confirmation template, this is how it is set up. I don't know why they don't make this information more available, but I just did it myself and it worked.