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QuickBooks integration not working since update


Is anyone else experiencing an outage with the QuickBooks integration since the update?


  • It will not perform imports since the UI was updated.
  • It does not save my store selections.
  • It says imports have been performed and then nothing happens.

I have tried 6 different computers, each on different networks and all have the same problem. ShipStation support is saying this is not wide-spread, yet I don't see how that can be true given I have tried so many different computers in different locations with different ISPs.


They will not jump on this as a proper outage and this has shut down accounting operations of my business entirely. It's ridiculous to me that I need to fight support to get operations flowing again, but here we are. If you are having issues please pile on here so we can get their attention to this. (3).gif (4).gif



Been having the same issues. got told the same by support. Hopefully they get it fixed

Been 2 weeks, working on 3 since I made them aware of the issue.


Glad (kinda) to hear someone else has the same issues. This makes a stronger case for fast-resolution. Thanks for your response!


Hi @LittleColorado and @Healthpro626,


Thank you both so much for being a part of our community and for your post/comment.  


I want to apologize for any lack of communication or miscommunication that might have occurred. Right now this is being worked on and tested by our developers. I do not have any ETA on a resolution at this time, but I will make sure this thread is updated the moment the Fix is pushed out. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding while this is being worked on. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 


has this been fixed? I'm getting Error Status code 500" is this the same issue?

There was no fix. I would recommend that you request access to the Legacy layout and you should be able to use the integration properly again.


Is there a new fix for 2023?

Hello @EVOLVh


Thanks for reaching out and for being a part of our community. Are you experiencing anything related to the original post above? 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager