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Shipping shopping ?

Occasional Contributor

Hi there, 

i would like to know if  we have in ship-station  shipping shopping,



when i have 1 LB box shipping from FL>CA


i would like to see best shipping option, as we have accounts with all major shipping Carriers  

sometime UPS is MUCH cheeper then  USPS,

and sometime Fedex do better then UPS

so if all of the inventory have size and weights 

 instead to check with each of the carriers and find out what is the price for  this exact box, 

i would like to see a list of All  carriers (available) with the pricing for  this box



something look like this 

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 8.43.46 PM.jpg


i think it will be blessed to add this feature to Ship-station and will benefits All users


We already have this Kind of list but it is just calculator,(so it is not actually helping)

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 8.58.58 PM.jpg


Will look forward for the supporter in this idea and  maybe We Will have something like this in the future 

BTW we are talking about 150-300 orders a day





Don't you get this result you are looking for by clearing the drop down under "service" and clicking the icon for "calc"? Or are you looking for something automated?

Hi there and thank you for your reply 


 showing you Non relevant results , 

Sometime   for 5 LB  box you cannot ship it with Envelop or first class mail 


Also it is 5-7 clicks per order to search  for  4 carriers  to check who is the best Time frame and cost


so  if we can See it on the main screen like the image i have uploaded it will save A lot of time 

New Contributor

stick4meoffice I Have the same question as you, But You explained it a lot better.

My boss has been on my back about finding another shipping program that will do exactly what you are explaining.

If I could give a time frame of when or if ship station intends on implementing this maybe he would be on board with keeping ship station.

I personally like the ship station platform but he thinks having to search threw the services is slowing down the shipping processes and in a way he is right but as a Tech person I look at other parts of the process like how well different platforms play together. 

Changing to a new shipping platform may have unseen consequences, but at the end of the day he signs the checks.

Hopefully ship station will give us an answer?

Occasional Contributor

I agree that ShipStation's rate layout isn't great. I had hoped to see the rates in one list as well rather than having to toggle back and forth between carrier tabs. We had this kind of list when we used ShipRush, but they lacked a lot of other features that ShipStation has. As a side note, when I run the rate browser and the weight is over 1lb, my results do not include USPS First Class, so I'm not sure why yours are showing that result. 


Have you considered using the custom hotkeys for this? I set up my hotkeys for our most popular shipping types; e.g.,  Ctrl + 1 enters USPS First Class, Ctrl +2 enters USPS Priority - Padded Flat Rate, etc. It definitely helped my guys more quickly run rate comparisons even though it still requires toggling back and forth.




Hello everybody,


Thank you so much for your comments and feedback about this. This actually something that our product team is looking into. I am actually going to DM you all to gather some information on their behalf so keep your eyes peeled. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

Hi @Manager-Erin , was this feature ever implemented?