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Processing a shipment to Magento 2.4 & getting marketplace notification error


We recently upgraded to Magneto 2.4.3, our payment gateway is Braintree. When we ship an order from shipstation it automatically should invoice in Magento. However, with no rhyme or reason we are getting a marketplace notification error for random orders "ReCaptcha validation error: The response is no longer valid: either is too old or has been previously used" 


This is for orders placed on the same day, some will invoice with no issues others do not. 


Hello there @kperkins,


Thank you for posting about this behavior. I searched and found that you already have an active Support ticket for this issue. That is perfect! These sorts of direct error messages from integrations are best investigated and troubleshot by our support team. 


I can absolutely confirm this is a behavior that my team is aware of and actively looking into. Once I hear any updates on this matter, I will be sure to update this post accordingly 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!