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UPS Simple Rate does not work anymore

Occasional Contributor

Rates are not showing correctly

I have had a ticket open with shipstation for 3 weeks and they cant seem to find the cause!

This is all I get:
"I appreciate your patience,
 Please be advised that we are still working on the rate discrepancies you are seeing the UPS.
 I will provide feedback as soon as we get a resolution. "

I have talked to my UPS rep and she says that Ship Station no longer gives access to the Simple Rate

Is this true?

Is anybody else having this problem? I can't be the only one


New Contributor

How did you get these rates in the first place? Everyone seems to have issues with that. What exactly did your UPS account rep do with the UPS account in question when it was set up? (before ever connecting to shipstation)

Occasional Contributor

The rep setup a different account # specifically for simple rate, then I just added the account to shipstation. That was 3-4 years ago.

Any luck? Or are the days of the simple rate work around over

Occasional Contributor

Seems like it.
The shipstation reps just play stupid like it never worked. And tell me to request this feature on the forum. lol


Come on ShipStation. This is absolute nonsense. @SuperMgr-Sarah , @Manager-Erin
What is the workaround? Use We are a 21 year young online retailer shipping 2,000 packages month that just moved to SS because it was supposed to be so much better. Day 1, today, my shipping manager asks me "Where is the Simple Rate option?" Come on @shipstation 

Occasional Contributor

My feeling is they are not supporting & removed the ability to use this purposely to steer everybody to use the "shipstation" ups account. Which i'm sure they are making a cut from.