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Webhooks not able to send order status info once shipped ? Delivered Notification ?


I am trying to find a way to get order status information once the package ships. So far I can't find anything inside the webhooks documentation plus support confirmed that they don't have that capability via API either. 

Are we the only ones who think that getting post-shipping order status is necessary to keep customers up to date? 

I mean a basic, In Transit, Delivery Scheduled for,  Delivered will do it. I thought ShipStation as a middleman would provide something like this so we don't have to go directly to the Carrier's API.

Anyone with a similar issue?





Same issue here. I am trying to pull package delivery status via API to update a Salesforce record to trigger workflows, but this data is not available thru API. 

New Contributor

Hi, I am facing a similar issue. Is there any solution available?


Hello @ecommerceStore!


Thank you for your post. Currently, our API isn’t built to give the tracking status that is being requested. Here is a help center article on API calls and using that tracking number to request the tracking status directly from the Carrier API. 


If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact


Happy Shipping!