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๐Ÿšจ 20+ Amazon Orders That Never Synced

Occasional Contributor

In the debacle that is the Amazon integration, I woke up to an email from Amazon letting me know I had orders that hadn't shipped. 

Sure enough, there are over 20 orders from last Friday that never synced from Amazon into ShipStation. Keep in mind, I've shipped hundreds of orders since then that all came in fine, so I never even stopped to think that the integration was broken.

Sure, part of this blame is on me for not actually checking Seller Central to look at my order listed, but I rely on ShipStation. We live and die by ShipStation. And, if you're like us, I implore you to go check and make sure you don't have orders that didn't sync over.

It's absolutely infuriating the message this whole Amazon integration is and has been over the past few weeks. There have been so many issues I can't even count.

ShipStation leaderships, if you're reading this, and you really should be....learn a lesson here. Your QA sucks, your communication sucks, and you need better plans for rolling out functionality that replaces existing functionality.


Occasional Contributor

I just want to provide an udpate. ShipStation was able to run a sync on their end which got the orders pulled back in. The damage is still done, but I appreciate that they got them pulled back in.

Hey there @adam90


Thank you for providing us the knowledge of this experience you've had. Of course we don't want to see this kind activity in the first place, but i'm glad to hear that the orders did get pulled in. 


You did exactly the right thing by reaching out to our support team for a case like this! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

As you can see from the flippant reply from "david" at Shipstation, they take issues like this very lightly.  Like you, I fully understand how devistating it can be if SS doesn't pull in all of the AZ orders. I've had this happen more than once, so I now am forced to check with Seller Central manually, each day.


When this happens, as you probably learned, the only resolution is to contact support. SS then has to backdate things on their end, and force a reimport. There's literally nothing we can do ourselves, to suck in those old orders.  This is such a poor solution, but the only one SS has given us.  Hopefully, your missed shipments didn't run you over the 4% threshold. 


We have the same problem.

Occasional Contributor

I am receiving a warning from amazon that our late shipping rate is above 4%. They are going to deactivate my account if I don't lower that rate. shipstation recently stopped syncing shipment with amazon when you combine customer orders. So I manually put the tracking on amazon, but that still counts as delay because I put in the shipping info days after we shipped it. What's going on with shipstation????? This is very frustrating. If this doesn't get resolved, we will have to switch to a different app. So sad that we have been using shipstation for over 6 years. 

The same thing happened to us. Contact customer support. They fix it. However, there might still be missing orders meanwhile. You should manually check it every day. 

Howdy yall! 


Just like @Nnn said, if you find that you are missing orders that should have imported into ShipStation, please reach out to our support team so that we can troubleshoot directly. 


We certainly want to make sure your orders are flowing in as intended! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hi Davis,


The customer support solved the problem that day but it happened today also. I though the problem was solved permanently. We are having Late shipments. This problem must be solved as soon as possible. All of our accounts are going to be suspended. This is a serious issue.



Thank you for this follow up @Nnn


If the issue is continuing to occur, we absolutely want to investigate. 


In case that you have not done so already, please reach back out on that same ticket with our support team with those details! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hello Davis, it's still going on with our account. 

@Moderator-Davis wrote:

Howdy yall! 


Just like @Nnn said, if you find that you are missing orders that should have imported into ShipStation, please reach out to our support team so that we can troubleshoot directly. 


We certainly want to make sure your orders are flowing in as intended! 


If that's the case, then lean on your programmers to fix their poor code....don't lean on us to contact support.

Occasional Contributor

Yes, I contacted support. They told me that Amazon and shipstation no longer support combined shipments. This might be an Amazon problem not so much a shipstation issue.


either way. It has to be updated on Amazon manually. 

I have yet to verify. But I believe I read amazon does not want sellers to combine shipments because they believe the customer did it for a reason and there for we need to ship them separately. And itโ€™s against policy to combine. 

so itโ€™s possible Amazon stopped applications like shipstation with combining orders. 

anyway. Itโ€™s permenent ๐Ÿ˜ž 


The problem is that SS is poor at coding for combined Amazon shipments. SS has had so many bugs on combined shipments, such that they simply have given up, and instead tell us to no longer combine Amazon orders. Such a poor response from Shipstation.

Occasional Contributor

It's not amazon. it's shipstation. I've called amazon so many times.

Occasional Contributor

I just talked to customer service. This is not going to be resolved any time soon.This service is simply not supported anymore.


Occasional Contributor


yes, this is a big problem. I hope people read this below.


we have had an entire day with not sync before. It hurt our Amazon metrics so bad. We got suspended from selling for about 2.5 weeks till my appeal went through.


since then. It has happened two more times!! 
but I caught it before damage.


I learned. You can not trust shipstation and Amazon connection. Itโ€™s not worth getting suspended off of Amazon.  I hired a VA to check this every day for us. (Because we get busy and forget) 


since then. We have been ok. But it will continue to happen. So you have to be careful and do something. Sometimes a year or two goes by flawless. The. Boom! No sync. And entire days worth of orders are โ€œlateโ€ when they are not 

I couldn't agree more!

This can be so devastating to us AZ sellers.


Since SS now realizes that this happens (tho rarely), they should put some code in place that periodically checks AZ, and alerts us to shipments going over their confirmation date.....but, of course that's asking waaaaay to much....

New Contributor

Same issue here too.

Occasional Contributor

We had this issue a few months ago. After deciding the ShipStation wasn't going to fix the problem, we switched to Amazon Buy Shipping (we were using for Amazon orders). It was a great move. It fixes this problem and we are saving on shipping, even after paying the ShipStation $0.20 per shipment fee for Amazon Buy Shipping. Highly recommended.

The problem is solved for us actually.

When it comes to Amazon Buy Shipping, our UPS rates are lower than what Amazon offers for buyer.