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Intermediate 150-200/mo Tier for not-so-tiny shipping needs

New Contributor

The starter level tier is great for really tiny shops. But there's a huge market for a subscription tier that affords more than 50 shipments/month but not as many as 500 for the next level.

Something in the range of 150-200 would be wonderful. I'd gladly pay $19.99/mo for such a tier. Especially since some months we're way under 50, but sometimes we might ship 100+ and it makes ZERO sense to pay too much, or be cut off part way through the month.

I do also have an EasyPost account that I used before switching to ShipStation. One option is to re-incorporate that integration with our eCom solution when I run out of shipments with ShipStation, but that's a less than desirable solution.

ShipStation, if you're listening, please consider this missed market opportunity!



Hello @MTGS


Thank you so much for being a part of our community and for your post. Thank you for this feedback regarding our plan offerings, I have definitely shared this internally upon your behalf. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

New Contributor

Ive also brought this up. I was literally forced to upgrade my subscription form 50 packages a month to 500 because I went over 1 package. Not happy! I feel I got highjacked for $20. No reason why the tiers shouldnt be approved theres quite a difference between a 50 month  shipments and 500. No reason why theyre cant be something in between. The guy shipping between 50 and 100 packages a month has to to take the 500 a month subscription. It makes no sense. I did notice Pirateship has NO MONTHLY FEES and their rates are EXACTLY the same. Will be closing my account shortly