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New Contributor

Hi Shipstation forums.

Is anyone aware of a workaround in regards to fulfilling orders for multiples of a product, particularly when the product comes in a carton containing multiple units in the carton as well as being sold separately?

For example;

Product X has a UPC, which scans out as 1 unit of product X, however product X also comes in a carton of 48, which wholesale customers often purchase.

Is there a way to setup a second code, which could verify 48 (or one carton) of the item ?

I am aware that the setting can be changed to scan by fulfilment SKU instead of UPC, but either way only 1 unit is scanned when physically carrying this out.



Hello CallumMilkBar!


Thank you for your post. What it sounds like is that you might want to create a separate SKU for the larger quantity of the item. Essentially, you would have product X, which has SKU A 1 unit and SKU B 48 units. 


I hope this helps! 


Happy Shipping!