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Amazon Order Date

Occasional Contributor

Ever since ShipStation switched over to the new Amazon SP-API, orders that come in after around 3pm PDT have the order date incorrectly set to the following day. Seems like a time zone issue with the new code.


Has anyone else seen this, or is it just us? I opened a ticket three days ago but haven't received a response or an update. 


Occasional Contributor

Yes we are getting the same issue with order age being all over the place. Some are in the future and the age column says "in 5hrs" for example as the age.

Hello there! 


@texasTumbler, you've done exactly the right thing reaching out to support in an instance like this. If you haven't yet done so @mark2, I would recommend following that lead.


Thanks for being patient while our support teams researches this issue.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


We are having the same issue, thank you for posting. @Moderator-Davis Please let us know when this has been resolved!