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Charged for shipping labels, none created




I created 50 labels via shipstation and was charged, as usual, via but my labels did not print. They are not showing as paid for/shipped via shipstation or through Shopify. Will going through the process of creating those labels again trigger another charge?





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mikaela, 


We'd have to see if the label was created but not printed, or if the label was not created either. Label creation and label printing are separate processes, so sometimes a printing issue can prevent labels that were successfully created from being printed. 


If the label was created successfully, you can just reprint the existing label and you will not be charged anything to do that. If the label was not created at all you'll need to go through the process to create the label again. Most likely, in that situation you'll get charged again. But, please contact our support team if this is the case and we can see what happened and apply any appropriate refunds if you were charged for labels that were not successfully created.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx