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failed to fetch installation from devices service windows 10 unable to open shipstation connect

New Contributor

Hi, Recently, We have the issue to open the Shipstation Connet and the error message: failed to fetch installation from devices service. And my OS is Windows 10 Pro and Windows 7 Pro. Both of the OS have the same issue to open the Shipstation Connect. Anyone has the same issue. Please advise. Thank you.



Did you managed to resolve this issue as we have the same problem.

Just tried a re-install and the problem persists.

we found that we have to switch to different internet, meaning other IP, then we are able to open the shipstation connect, try to add the shipstation to the internet whitelist, but no luck at all.


We have just had this issue pop up ... cannot do anything to help, uninstall, reinstall ... running OS 13.6.7 and had no problems until today.  Would really love some help!

I have suddenly got this as well! ShipStation 'help' are useless. What is going on?! I cannot use ShipStation without ShipStation Connect. 

Hello @Annoyed!


Thank you for sharing your concerns. I understand your frustration. The good news is that your ticket was escalated correctly. Please refer to the latest ticket, where the escalations team has requested a few screenshots to diagnose your issue properly.



Occasional Contributor

I get this a lot. It is due to your internet connection. Make sure you are on the right one.

New Contributor

How do I make sure I am on "the right one"?

I have no choice but to use my mobile hotspot in the warehouse and have done for over 5 years. I don't understand how this has suddenly become an issue

New Contributor

Was this ever resolved? The crazy thing is that I get this notice, while the software is actually running and opening properly in another strange. So for me, all I have to do is X out this error window, and my Connect still opens and works properly. It just happens to be annoying and very strange that this is happening...