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"Move order to another batch" doesn't work anymore


I have an order that is currently assigned to a batch.  I open the order and assign it to another batch.  I get a message that says "0 shipments are already in a different batch. Are you sure you want to move them to <batch name>?"  I click "Yes, move these shipments" but the shipment doesn't move - it remains in the original batch, and is not added to the new batch.




Quick update.  This problem happens when I open the order when viewing it from the open batch.  If I search for the order and open it from there, I am then able to move it to a new batch.

Hey there @david_dean


Thanks for providing this feedback and clarification of the batches activity you're seeing! 


When I have any updates about this "move to another batch" action I will post that here.


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!