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Pick List Order Number Barcode

Occasional Contributor

Is there a way to add the barcode found on Packing Slips to the Pick List

Our workflow starts with a pick sheet / pick list.

We are making the switch to ShipStation, but we need to print a packing slip in order to scan the order barcode?

The only thing that prints with the order number is the Packing Slip, but that is printed with the shipping label, right?


Occasional Contributor

Not sure about adding barcodes to the pick list, but there is a way to print ONLY packing slips without creating a shipping label. Not sure how to do it in V3, but for V2, in the orders tab: for selected orders, there is a blue "print" button/dropdown at the top of the sidebar. There you can select packing slips and those have the barcodes on them.

Hey there! 


To confirm, ShipStation does not currently support barcodes on the pick list but we are reviewing that idea! 


I am happy to affirm that in the new version you can absolutely still print ONLY your packing slip without a label if you wish. You can do this in bulk from the Orders grid by selecting the orders and from the PRINT drop down menu you can select packing slip. Additionally you can print the packing slip by itself while in the individual orders from the print drop down menu there. 


I hope this helps! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Occasional Contributor

So, in a workflow, what does one use to start the Scan to Verify procedure?

There is a box asking for the order number... which a barcode can be used to enter. Scan a barcode and the order is ready to start scanning. 


But a person who has picked the order doesn't use a packing slip to pick the items, they use a pick sheet.

So do they need to have both papers to start scanning? Doesn't that seem weird? 


We normally use the order summary - which has the order barcodes - for picking and scanning to verify. This had worked very well in our shipping workflow, BUT in ShipStation V3, the order barcodes do not scan. 
This is a small bug on top of many many other bugs. ShipStation has so many things to iron out before forcing V3 on all their customers. I imagine they will lose many customers soon as these bugs cause so many business operation bottlenecks for most people.

ShipStation, your software is supposed to make life easier, so while you sort out your problems, please let us switch to the legacy version.