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Shipping prices not importing from Ebay... Anyone else have this issue?

Occasional Contributor

So I've taken this up with shipstation (who has not updated my ticket in almost 2 weeks... Amazing service).. But our eBay store and eBay only will not load shipping prices, it shows everything at $0.00. Strangely enough it shows the total with shipping added (for example if something was $5 and shipping was $3, it would show Item price as $5, shipping as $0 and total order as $8...) but on every other display it is $0... we use this as an identifier for specialized shipping means which is an issue...


Has anyone else had this issue or know how it can be remedied? We have already tried re-connecting and even disabled the store and added a new eBay store, both have the same issue.  


Occasional Contributor

To elaborate, every other store is working fine and displaying shipping correctly. It is JUST eBay. 

Good afternoon folks,


If you are still experiencing this issue, and have not yet done so, please reach out to our support team directly so that we can inspect your direct orders to help resolve this issue. You can do this either thru the chat widget or via email at


We are very interested in making sure your orders are importing as intended! 


I'm sorry I don't have more to provide at this moment, I just want to get investigating into this as soon as we can. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


We have the same issue with Amazon orders. We don't sell on eBay. Etsy and Shopify work but all shipping fees are $0 for Amazon orders. Shipstation has been horrible this year. The new UI is terrible and there are way too many glitches.

New Contributor

I am having the same issue with eBay orders. 


My support request was supposedly escalated, but I haven't heard from them in 15 days... The issue is still unresolved.

Hey there @peachyapricotde


You've done precisely the right thing by reaching out to the support team. I assure you that just because there hasn't been an update yet, doesn't mean that the investigation isn't still on going. We are absolutely doing what we can to resolve this matter. 


I'm reaching out on my end as well. As soon as I hear anything, i'll post here to update everyone! Your patience is greatly appreciated.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Happy Friday folks! 🙂


I have confirmed that this behavior is almost resolved for our Amazon connection. We are expecting this to roll our by the end of the month.


As each integration is different, we are not yet this close to resolution for the Ebay integration. I'm sorry I don't have better news on this in the immediate, I just want to be up front about where we are in that process. 


With this in mind, if you are still seeing this behavior on ebay orders, and have not yet reached out to the support team to make this report, please do so! 


We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


Happy shipping! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!