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USPS pickups now under the Carrier Pickups tab - need some info




I noticed ShipStation moved the USPS Pickup page to under Carrier Pickups, however it's the same as any other carrier pickup and unfortunately, that's not how USPS pickups work. It has to be scheduled during normal mail delivery to be a free pickup.


This is all ShipStation has shared about this change:



Looking for more info, I found that the documentation isn't updated --


I would think that the product documentation should have been updated and staged for publishing prior to the change in the functionality being rolled out. Once it was rolled out, that documentation would be published with the update to reflect current functionality as well. Right?


In all, very confused with this change and some documentation might help.


Did anyone else use the USPS pickups page? Honestly it seems like I must be the only one shipping via USPS for there to be this many issues with the page. 


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I have the same problem and am completely unable to schedule any pickups. My schedule pickup button is just greyed out no matter which day I select. Please can someone fix this!

FYI if you switch back to the old layout (if you're on the new layout), you can still access the old USPS Pickups page which does work well (as of this post). That might help you while they get this stuff fixed.


You can tell if you're on the new layout by the URL - for instance the new layout for the Orders page has the URL which ends with/orders/awaiting-shipment


To switch to the old layout:

1. Click the Give Feedback button in your nav header


2. Select Turn off the new layout from the dropdown, and enter some text


3. Click Submit Feedback

At this point, it should switch back to the old layout, and you can go to Shipments -- USPS Pickup page:


You can switch back to the new layout for everything else by just clicking the "Try new layout" button that shows at top-right. 

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I don't seem to have the give feedback option... No matter what page I load. Any way to fix this?

Hi @mungotrading


Thanks for your question and for being a part of the Community. 


If you do not have this option, you will need to reach out to our support team to assist you with getting access to the old layout. 


Contact ShipStation Support 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager