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ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Sep 20 - Oct 1)

Improvements Features You can now use Scan to View barcodes to open your Order Details from anywhere in the ShipStation app! Previously, this feature was only available in the ShipStation Legacy Layou...


2021 USPS Peak Season Holiday Surcharge Blog

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to keep in mind the coming holiday changes from USPS. With holiday season on the horizon, USPS will be making some temporary changes soon. You can rea...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Aug 23 - Sep 3)

Improvements If your Ship From Location address or Return address cannot be validated, we will now alert you with an error message when you are using the Rate Browser or bulk updating your orders.Clic...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Aug 9 - 20)

Improvements We have freshened up the styling and page layout for the ShipStation Reports page on the Insights tab, the Branding Defaults page, and the Quickbooks integration. We’ve also made the Ship...


What is USPS Delivery Confirmation?

USPS delivery confirmation helps you track and confirm your packages by letting you know the date and time your shipment has been delivered or that a delivery attempt was made. It is also known as “US...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (July 12-23)

This round of updates focuses heavily on bug fixes for many of our integrations! Improvements Creating labels in batches now validates your Shipsurance balance. If you have applied Shipsurance (US & C...


The Global Pulse: Ecommerce After COVID-19

Shopping online and in-store has dramatically changed over the course of the last year due to COVID-19. Not only have consumers had to adapt and change their shopping habits, but retailers have had to...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (June 14-25)

This round of updates and releases focuses on bug fixes, but there are a few new features and integrations we thought you should know about! Improvements ShipStation now logs the date, time, and user ...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (June 1-11)

Improvements For our Canada Post users, you can now schedule next day pickups with ShipStation’s Carrier Pickup feature! Review our Schedule a Pickup help article for details. We’ve added filters and ...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (May 17-28)

Improvements We’ve updated the USPS zonemap table in the ShipStation database. This will improve the performance of any filters and automation rules that rely on USPS zones. We’ve updated the Notifica...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (May 1-14)

Improvements Barcode Scan search capabilities have been added to ShipStation’s new layout! Go to the Other Actions menu and choose Barcode Search to open the Barcode Search pop-up, or use the hotkeys ...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Apr 19-30)

Improvements We’ve improved the Change Subscription flow so you can now change the number of users in the account if you have more users than the new plan allows. You no longer need to go to the User ...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Apr 3-16)

Improvements Quickship Mode is back!We’ve added Quickship Mode into ShipStation’s new layout! It has everything you love about Quickship from Legacy but with several new customization options! We will...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Mar 20 - Apr 2)

Improvements We’ve made several updates to the Scan to Verify experience! We now log the date, time, and user that verified a shipment, which you can see in the Order Activity (in Order Details). Scan...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (March 6-19)

Improvements Etsy merchants rejoice! ShipStation can now import the Etsy gift flag and gift message when present on the Etsy order! You can now create labels for multi-package shipments when using Shi...


ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Feb 19 - Mar 5)

Improvements Advanced Hotkeys: Hotkey fans, or anyone who just hates using a mouse, will be pleased to know Advanced Hotkeys are now available in ShipStation’s new layout! Also, we’ve added two new ho...


January Community Catchup

Hello Community Members, Hopefully, everyone had a productive January and is ready to jump headfirst into February, but first, let's take a look back at all of the great content from January! How Ruro...


Meet the Manager

Hello, Welcome to our brand new Community. We are so excited to have you here and for the future of the ShipStation Community as we continue to grow and expand. I want to welcome you to this new space...


Community Tour

Hello and welcome to the ShipStation community. We have created this space for all ShipStation users to network, share tips, and tricks, and help each other solve complex workflow problems. Let’s get ...


How To Create an Ecommerce FAQ

How To Create an Ecommerce FAQ An FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions you can provide your customers so they can quickly and easily get their most common questions answered. FAQs are an essent...